The Point of the Blog

When I will my limbs into motion in the morning and trudge through the brushing of teeth, the pulling on of jeans, becoming a thing that breathes and eats, I am a vessel. Everything has a weight and a mass and an order. It seems perfectly unsettling then, that such a solid existence can give way to such a fleeting world, where logic is wholly distorted down endless tunnels of impossibility. Thus the waking life of the physical realm, among the benches I can sit on and taco trucks I can frequent, is simply a panorama from which my subconscious gleans a muse and paints irreplaceable, invisible artwork on a canvas of grey matter floating about in my skull. This is me trying to visualize it as best I can.


3 thoughts on “The Point of the Blog

  1. I think I know you from somewhere. There’s a movie where God is some old dude, and to prove to the protagonist that he isn’t dreaming he uses the quip: “What color are my eyes?” “Blue.” “Do you dream in color?” The latter being a rhetorical question that’s confounded my whole life. Because I dream in color too.

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