How Was This Not Scary!?


I am in a hospital holding my friend by the hand, and she’s not gripping back. She looks dead, her skin is sweating and decomposing, but her chest is still moving up and down so we know she’s alive. I couldn’t even get her in a private room, they have her pushed out on her gurney into the lobby area with one thin screen, people are milling about all around. It’s making me sad, so I set her down to step outside for some air.

Outside is still inside, a new room with a small white table.

A shiny, round woman is sitting at the table, she reminds me of a flesh colored christmas ornament. She whispers from across the room, “Do you know what’s about to happen? Everyone is about to kill themselves, unless you can find the box, with the signal in it.”


She smiles at me, like it’s a secret we share, she’s excited for the game to begin. The table between us shatters under the weight of a falling body. I looked up into the sky and see others jumping from the roof, or from their windows, all over the hospital.

“I become glass,” said a man next to me, before jumping through the window to his death. I realized that I had forgotten about my friend, and that she would likely commit suicide with the others unless I could find her and somehow stop, “the signal.”

Another man stepped forward, he had the same face as the other man, “I become the sky,” he turned around to press the elevator button. I needed to get up on the roof.


I asked a small group of patients to help me find the signal box, and they all got down on all fours like dogs and started howling as if hunting. I slipped away and beginning the climb through each level of the hospital, finally reaching an important room with big green doors and a sign in large white letters, “MOETG.” This must mean I was near the silent ward.

“I knew it was here! They would not believe me,” a man with that same face was standing behind me, I shushed him. I carefully opened the doors to look inside, it was a void. Complete darkness, I couldn’t see anything. The man kicked in another door further down the hallway and laughed wildly at me, like he was playing a game.

We took a blind path through the ward feeling along the walls to come out on the other side and finally I reached my friend’s room. She sat up, from a large dumpster and looked at us. A huge net opened over her head from inside the dumpster but before I could warn my friend to duck another person, a woman who looked just like my friend was grabbing her and shaking her.

The woman who was not my friend pushed my friend out of the dumpster and onto the floor, her hospital gown was red and wet. She crawled over to sit near my feet and looked up at me, transferring her consciousness into my body.


The woman who was not my friend had completely white hair, and she was pointing a gun at me. She shot me in the shoulder and said, “just stay here.” There were two men with that same face standing on the other side of the room, I din’t notice them until just now, she shoots one in the leg and he cries out, then sits down like he’s in timeout, pouting. She then hands the gun to the other man and says, “you take care of it.”

I called out for him to stop, not to kill himself, and he seemed genuinely disappointed turning to me, making a fake sad face with an over exaggerated grimace and shot himself in the head.


I started sobbing, and the woman walked past me, towards the man she had shot in the leg. I heard her talking to him, she was going to give him the signal box in exchange for his help. I tried to run away, but she saw the corner of my ankle disappear around the corner.

She ran over really fast, got very close to my face and said, “This is your warning.” Then I woke up. I had felt completely at ease for the entire dream, but when I started thinking about it, It terrified me.


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