Beat Up

I am waiting in a cafeteria line when a man kidnaps me. This man kills everyone he takes almost immediately, but for some reason he is with a partner, things go wrong, and badda-bing, badda-boom he keeps me alive, at first. We get into a boat and land on a forested island in autumn. He keeps beating me, mostly by throwing me impossible distances into tree trunks or down hills, but also by kicking me in the back. His partner keeps telling him to be careful or I will die.


It feels as if he is beating me simply because I won’t die, and this is frustrating him to no end. finally, he kicks me down a hill onto a pebbled beach and my neck breaks. My head is just barely sticking into the water and I can’t move, so I am going to drown.


It makes me so upset that my ghost gets up out of my body before I am dead and chases the man off the island, back into his boat and he get’s away and tells me I am crazy. I get back into my body, and find that though my neck is broken, I can still move normally. I pick myself up only to realize that I can no longer feel anything.


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