I am with Brienne of Tarth, dressed as a courtesan, and we are navigating a maze of stone. We can see our final destination in the distance. A large gate like something out of WoW rose hundreds of stories into the sky. It is the entrance to a great city.


For some reason we shouldn’t be here, for some reason we are in grave danger, but for some reason, when we make it through the maze, unharmed, we emerge at the gate and all of the guards are asleep. I was going to pretend to be something I wasn’t and Brienne was there should things turn violent, so I was almost a little disappointed when what should have been the big action scene failed so impressively.

I could tell that there was supposed to be a lot more of an uproar, but it seemed as if they hadn’t cast enough people, or maybe we were there on the wrong day. It’s like my subconscious bad guys had the day off.



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