If You Demolish It, They Will Come


I am in Italy and it is imperative from the very beginning that I Have to run, I have to get out of this city. It was like being dropped into the opening scene of a video game, a chase scene that teaches you how to use the controls.  Either the people have fled before me, or everyone is indoors as I make my way down a crazy steep and windy street with beautiful homes on either side of me, towards the sea.

Colorful buildings line the seawall of Manarola, Italy

Right as I reach the waterline, there is a whooshing sound and then a huge explosion from the town behind me. Rubble and smoke poofed out of every window and then everything went silent. I looked back up the street towards where I had been, it was now completely crowded full of people like a market in the evening.


The whole town was out, and there were pretty strings of soft lights hanging from all of the eves people eating in open air restaurants, and music from every doorway that all seemed to harmonize. I never wanted to leave.



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