Relationship Problems?

I had a “house sheep” as so many do, (essentially a sheep who acted like a sheep which I treated like a cat) and it always wore a big red ribbon like a collar. We were coming home after some event or other and Zac opened the door too wide, so I yelled at him to be careful or the sheep would get out. He got angry at me for chastising him so opened the door even further to make a point and the sheep ran out.


He was trying to teach me a lesson and his pride was a little hurt so he made it apparent he would not be assisting me in the recapture of the sheep. I ran after her down the road for a few miles, she ran very fast, more like a deer, kind of bouncing. She seemed happy never to return and did not make it easy on me. Finally she ran into someone’s yard through a little gate so as long as I stood in the way she was trapped.


I went to put her collar on, and realized that Zac had taken her collar and leash out of my bag and replaced it with old rope. It would have to do. I walked her back to the house, and upon arrival, he was still angry with me, and he said he would put her collar back on. I told him to just let me do it instead to make sure it was done correctly, but he insisted, and kind of moved me out of the way so I couldn’t see what he was doing. She wiggled away from him and again escaped, this time running directly out into the road and being hit and killed by a car. He then put me into his car, supposedly to go and retrieve the body. I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, so I opened my car door, and he drove us into a fence, which woke me up.


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