Ever wondered how long it would take to walk from the valley to the downtown area? Apparently my subconscious was all too eager to take this on. I shall begin at the beginning, I am in my childhood home, walking out the front door. The entire dream was filmed through a go-pro on top of my head so it was sort of distorted around the edges like a fish eye lens. Downtown is in reality a good ten miles or so from my house, but it took me hardly any time at all to arrive as I was slipping in and out of consciousness (subconsciousness?).

To elaborate, it’s not that I was moving more quickly than I would have in reality, but much like falling asleep on a road-trip I was missing chunks of the journey. My body was moving closer and closer to it’s end goal, but my psyche was not keeping pace. I started to worry that I would commit some heinous crime while in the “blackout” phase, or maybe that I already had and didn’t remember. The whole point of walking downtown was that I had a cold and needed to go to the hospital but couldn’t get a ride, and now with all of the memory loss I was starting to think something much bigger might be going on.

The hospital itself was massive and surrounded by miles of concrete viaduct that looped around it making the entrance hard to find. I walked into the ICU and I could hear a room full of doctors and patients, but I couldn’t see them. They weren’t ghosts, they were definitely real, I just couldn’t see them. They could see me but they couldn’t hear me, and neither of us could touch the other. As it was, I wouldn’t be able to tell them what was wrong, and they wouldn’t be able to help me in any case, so I gave up and went outside to wait on the curb for my father to pick me up.

He was going to walk me home, and the blackouts had stopped, so the entire path back to the house was perfectly clear. We walked along an impossible wooden rope bridge, and I couldn’t help looking down. We were walking over a wooded area and from where I was standing I could see the shadowy silhouettes of hundreds of people milling about in the woods. I suddenly thought that I must have walked TO the hospital through those same woods, and wondered if there had been people down there the whole time.


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