Pretty Much Just a K-Drama Set in Thailand

I think I was putting on a performance in the historical venue where the real event had happened,  so I was playing a part but this was meant to be a true story. I was in Thailand, handmaid to the princess and the palace had cathedral ceilings three stories tall covered floor to ceiling with red and gold intricacies. The princess had fallen in love with a commoner, and when her Aunt and cousin found out, they schemed to get the two together. They knew that if the princess were out of the picture, they were next in line to the throne, so to my dismay, they arranged meetings for the two, and soon the princess found she was pregnant.


On the night she conceived I was visited by a giant whale made of starlight, who warned me of what was to come. I blamed myself, and knew that she could not be discovered in this state. So I kidnapped her, and took her into the wilderness to live with me during her pregnancy.


The king was furious at the loss of his favorite daughter, and the Aunt and cousin needed people to see her pregnancy if they wanted her disowned, so both factions sent groups out to find us. We evaded them for months until the night she was to give birth. A solitary soldier stumbled upon us by accident but recognized the princess almost immediately. She went into labor in fear that he would turn us over. He had the chance to call over to his faction who were just over the hill, but he remembered a time when we were both new to the palace, and I had covered for him, he had loved me since that day so he turned in the opposite direction and made a commotion leading the rest of the group away from us.


The baby was born, and it was time for us to return to the palace. I told her she had one final decision to make. She could return to her lover and raise the child, everyone would assume she had died and her Aunt and cousin would take over the throne. If she returned, I would raise the child as my own, and she would be forced to marry a man her father chose, but she would rule.

She was a strong woman, and knew that her Aunt and cousin would drive the country to ruin, so she returned to the palace with me. I held her son in my arms as if he were my own. The king was delighted that she had returned, but decided that for my betrayal I should be killed. She begged her father on my behalf to have mercy, and seeing the baby with me, and his daughter’s weakened state, he gathered what had happened instantly. He spoke with me alone and thanked me for what I had done. I was made a priestess, and the Aunt and cousin were sent into the woods to raise the child themselves as punishment for the shameful crimes they had committed. The princess became the queen and was the greatest ruler in the land.


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