Amalgamation of Bored Moments at Prior Office Jobs

I was a bank teller, supposedly drawing up a cashier’s check but it was talking me forever. The man at my desk and his friend were really nice though. The man had over 7 million with the bank, so I went to ask my boss if we could waive the cashier’s check fee, but my current boss was there instead of my bank boss, and he said that no we didn’t do that. I was pretty taken aback because my old boss from the bank let this sort of thing slide, and my current boss was even less strict. The man at my desk asked me if I could please just look and see if we had a marshmallow in the back, which I was pretty sure we didn’t. While waiting on the cashier’s check, I went upstairs and looked through the cupboards hoping to acquire a Swiss-miss packet that I thought we may have leftover, from which I could perhaps pull a marshmallow.


I went back down stairs, unsuccessful and empty-handed and someone had taken over for me because I was taking too long. The man’s friend talked with me and was so charming. The man told him to stop flirting with me and he responded to the teasing with, “it’s just, you know you seem like the perfect person to hang out with.” My boyfriend walked in the front door to take me out to lunch and came over to sit with us. We were all smiling and he said, I am the luckiest man, I get to move in with my girlfriend right here, and he put his hand on my knee and I remember thinking, “this is odd.” I stood up too quickly and collapsed immediately out of the dream and into a wakeful state. It felt like time traveling.


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