I Frequent St. Ives


blackcat2I was visiting friends, three roommates each had a cat, and each cat had recently given birth to three kittens. They still needed to be bottle-fed, but we had some event to attend so everyone was rushing to sort out which still needed food. I went into a back room and found the smallest ginger kitten I have ever seen, it could have fit in my palm. I was thinking that it must have somehow been separated from the others, then I saw another kitten even smaller half way through a hole in the wall behind the first kitten. I scratched and pulled at the wood to make the hole larger, and I managed to pull an entire panel off.


6a0120a6a93724970b0128765c9047970c-800wiThis revealed a kitten-sized stray cat and with her, about seven kittens the size of baby mice. They had ginger colored fur, and I made a huge ball out of all the babies to carry them indoors. Our evening plans would have to wait, as there were now more than ten new kittens for us to sort out, (they seemed to grow in number spontaneously). The mother was following me around, even after I set the kittens down in a bed and left the room, she was fixed on me like a shadow. I remember feeling incredibly sad throughout the dream.


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