I was playing with the idea of a kitten. It was like smoke, grey and brown, or maybe more like a mirage, or a holograph that bowed inwards when I tried to touch it. I knew it wasn’t real.

I was walking outside and I saw the kitten, and knew that it was real, and ran after it, both of us in slow motion, perhaps it thought I was playing. It jumped a fence, and I too jumped the fence. We were in someone’s back yard, and in the corner of my eye, there was a figure standing in a doorway like a painting. The figure saw me also reflecting in the corner of their eye and we were each other’s tear ducts.


I abandoned the kitten and ran for fear of being caught wanting it. When I got home, someone was already knocking on my door. I walked up so many stairs, and when I greeted the woman, she was holding the kitten. She said she would sell it to me for $3000. She didn’t have a soul, and her face was a cadaver’s face. I thought, “maybe her soul is inside the kitten?” She was like a mirror.


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