Alpha Centauri

I am living on a spaceship composed of pods, each pod contains a different sentient alien species. We are a collection of refugees fleeing earth in hopes of finding a new planet on which to live. An alarm sounds and we’re all scurrying about, “we’ve found a planet,” is screaming on repeat from these metal cornucopias all over the conglomerate but nobody seems to know what to do. I am running with everyone and we’re like ants without a hive mentality so everyone is running into and over every body else.

Some people hit each other so hard they fuse together, and I combine with a passerby as if we were both made of liquid. All of the pods suddenly detach and we realize too late that we were all supposed to be in our own areas to populate the planet from separate landing zones in separate communities. Our power immediately goes out and we’re floating down towards this planet we know nothing about with a group of beings we only just met in utter darkness. It starts to rain in space and everyone in the pod just stares at it without saying anything. It makes no sound.



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