Welcome Back and a Really Good Reason to Start Over

It’s been a heck of a year, and almost a year since I sat down to this seriously. I was thinking of making a post detailing the events that led me back here, but I’ll save that for the first of January, (after all something else might happen y’know). Today I’ll be explaining the changes that are due to happen ’round here now that I’m back in force.

First, I finally infiltrated a seriously literary book club full of brilliant people, so I’ll be reviewing some contemporary work over the course of the year. Second, I inherited a pristine collection of vintage books, Great Books of the Western World, and I plan to work through them as well and as there are 76 in total I’ll be reading what, 6 a month? 7 every third month? On top of book club? It’s pretty bucket list worthy but please have faith, I can read pretty quick barring intrusion of social media, personal writing and the major killer, Reddit.

7-8 books a month is roughly two books a week, which means if I want my weekends free I have five days for two books. I can do one book in 5 hours, so two hours of reading a  night for an entire year plus one hour of writing per evening for my sanity leaving me with two hours a night for gaming, internet-ing, playing with my cat and watching foreign films with my boyfriend. I am taking bets now as to how long I can keep this up. Shoot for the moon and land among the stars right?

Good things come in threes and the final good thing that I plan to change is to continue and finish my post a day autobiography peppering in my dreams to underline the original theme of the blog. My hope is that this will continue to be forever cohesive, though splitting the blog in two may become necessary. It’s been too long, and I miss it so much. I’ve gotta get back on that writing/ reading bandwagon and attempt to make something great of myself, now or never.

Happy reading, dreaming and writing.

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