The Object Essay That Became An Inventory

Sooo, object essay on a Thursday night. Well, first I need an object. But I don’t want to ruin it by picking something deeply significant that already has a story, because the point is to be creative right? What needs its essence captured? What is here?

A mostly gone bottle of She’s Wild vodka, a tin that still has a piece of fudge leftover from Christmas, two separate journals one for dreams one for memoirs, Writer’s Chronicle and Vogue magazines.

A gameboy, a hairdryer, a photo of my brother and his cat, me holding a Gila monster, a weird hat/ headband that has a big pink pouf and gemstones, notecards.

My snake in his tank, a cactus, ibuprofen, worn flats without their shoelaces, false eyelashes, Jane Austin’s Complete novels, Dell pocket crosswords, a laptop “desk” you can use in bed.

Diamond Mask by Julian May, a roll of toilet paper, a westinghouse television, iPhone speakers, halloween fancy napkins, an empty red vase from last Valentine’s day, a porcelain painting of Marie Antoinette, very small lightbulbs, a wooden sperm whale.

Tulip’s collar, photobooth pictures with my boyfriend and my best friend, a baked apple candle, a box of nut-thins, Jergens, hair-ties, a small ceramic plate to hold wet teabags, a silver necklace.

A very full laundry bin, a jar of seashells, mason jars, earrings that have lost their partners, an old backpack with a hole torn out of the bottom, a space heater, letters and cards from my grandparents, my big black Harry Potter trunk.

A stapler, toner, a fossilized clam, a tiger whisker, a beeswax candle, a mess waiting behind closet doors, two hangars both white, a scratched Sunset Ibiza CD, my gray jacket that goes with everything.

Loose bills I am excited to count someday that I collect in the aftermath of nights on the town, pajama bottoms, nail-polish, a purple travel-sized suitcase.

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