It’s A Dogs Life

I was tumbling around between All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 and The Plague Dogs in the beginning of my dream, which was disturbing, painful and extremely depressing.
Segway into the meaty center of my nighttime wanderings: I am watching a large black dog (THE GRIMM!!) no, not that but it was really wolf-like with red eyes. I was told that it was awful and nobody wanted to adopt it, yet it was playing in the living room so sweetly I couldn’t imagine why anyone would fear it.
I approached it, and it snuggled up to me right away, whining and wiggling, wanting so very badly to be pet, which I was charmed to do. I was thinking that I should just adopt it, and I stood up to go, when it barked at me wanting me to continue petting it. I thought to myself that I should begin training it not to act that way, so I gave it a very firm ‘no’. it seemed to whip the dog into a confused frenzy, and it barked more, and began to nip my hands. It thought it was playing, but the more I told it to stop the harder it was biting me, and it’s barking became deafening and constant. It eventually knocked me down and started biting the crown of my head, so I just sat silently hoping that if I remained calm, it too would calm down. This seemed successful and it eventually let me go, at which point I backed slowly into the other room and fled the scene.

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