A Haunting

In the beginning I was merely skeptical, thinking that it must be some sort of coincidence, but now I am sure beyond a reasonable doubt that for the past number of weeks I have been haunted in every single dream by an ominous common denominator: The Hill.

I had been visited by The Hill quite a few times before a very straightforward appearance in a dream it had no business being in identified it as a frequent visitor in my dreamscape. The dream in question occurred entirely indoors and while running down a hallway, on two separate occasions, I stopped, looked out the window, and focused on a single hill in the distance for no apparent reason. This was the first direct attempt at contact The Hill made, but as I soon realized, it was not the first time I had seen The Hill. I had in fact seen The Hill in almost every dream at some point or another over the past few weeks.

The hill itself does not always look exactly the same, but it does have some features that stay consistent. The top of the hill is totally flat, and it is absolutely massive. The sides are incredibly steep and most of the time entirely covered by a smooth lawn of grass. Sometimes the hill is directly next to me and I cannot see past it, and at other times it is far off in the distance, but it never blends in with the rest of the scenery.

It was there when I was being chased down a canyon by wolves, when I was in a desert made of mosaics looking for flowers, and when I was running up and down the side of it to explain what a Snipe was to my friends. It was in the background when I was skiing and crying without any feet, and when I left the city for a country drive. I planted rice patties at its base, wondered why there was no snow on it while climbing a different mountain, and saw it when I was collecting bright green lizards in Arizona. There was nowhere The Hill had failed to make an appearance.

When I woke up after stopping twice in that hallway to look at it, I realized immediately that it had been watching me, and that it was not a pleasant energy. I have been trying for three days now to approach it, after all it forced me to recognize it, which I took to be an attempt at making contact, but I cannot get anywhere near it. I try to walk towards it, but like clockwork something always happens to prevent me the instant I move closer to it. The Hill won’t leave the dream, but refuses to interact with me in any way and as of yet I have no reason to believe it ever will. It’s sort of starting to unnerve me if I’m honest.


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