An Open Letter to Myself

Hello you! You’ve been neglecting your blog. As your blog is the only physical evidence that will remain of your writing progress this year, why aren’t you making any posts? You’ve not been writing at all for the past two weeks between work and your newfound addiction to The Prime Minister and I, and goodness gracious, you’ve left your wee library gathering dust! It is a bit shameful as writing was your only actual resolution this year, and really, you want to be writing creative pieces outside of dream journaling. That is simply unfeasible if you continue to slack off, so cowgirl up chick!

This post might not take up a lot of space, and you better not count it as your writing for the day miss, but you need a little push so here are a few goals.

Post on your blog at the very least thrice a week. This way it will be easier to believe that you are writing every day.
Do your daily writing before you allow yourself the indulgence of Korean dramas, Pokemon Y, or ice cream.
Read a chapter a day. That is like, the easiest thing ever. Seriously.
No pinterest for the next month. You’re grounded if you can’t learn to operate with moderation.
Send out a piece a month for possible publication. That is far more lenient, but creativity is hard!

If you can accomplish the above, I’ll get off your back and on with life. It’s totally cool to fall into a rut sometimes, but you need to know when enough is enough. Oh fine, go watch the new episode already, but this goes into effect straight off the bat so you need to write your 750 words before bed!

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