Sick Day

I had a sick day. It was the absolute worst, I pinned and took naps. Having a sick day, (which turned out to be a sick three days), made me realize that I love my job. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it from day one, this particular event simply solidified my feelings on the subject. I work at Matrix, a large industrial company based out of Oklahoma with offices peppering the west coast. My first big girl office job grants me the title of OFFICE ASSISTANT, and assist I surely do! I work in the administrative office in Bellingham, but travel is encouraged so, who knows where I’ll be in a few years? Back to my sick day(s) though. I sent an email delineating the extent of my ailment, and the reply was one of concern for my overall well-being, (not a reprimand like I expected). This made me feel very warm towards my supervisor who I already enjoy working alongside. When it became evident this awful state had settled in for a while, I again sent an email, and again was treated with kindness. I came in on Friday, mostly better, and began work on our long-term project when I realized, I was truly upset that I had missed out on the beginnings. I am spending the weekend straining for Monday to roll around so I can get back to work. Maybe I’m still sick, but I love my job so much I hate going home at night. This isn’t even my penultimate career path, I want to travel, teach, explore, so it is a testament to the absolute quality of the workplace I’ve been lucky enough to wheedle into. 20140112-135000.jpg

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