The Canyon

I was hiking along the edge of a canyon, terribly afraid that I might fall. There were numerous groups of hikers all around me, everyone was very happy. I slipped, and to my horror fell down to what I knew would be my death. I struck out at the wall, finding a small gap, then closed my fist tight, effectively catching my fall, but dangling over the empty space between my body and the ground. I was very close to the top of the cliff, yet I climbed downwards because I felt that it would be impossible to go upwards for some reason.

I moved incredibly slowly, reaching a ledge about two thirds of the way down from which I could see a little spring bubbling out of the rocks. I was terribly thirsty so I made a break for it, moving out into a bit of sunshine and realizing that I was totally nude. Two boys saw me as they were hiking along a nearby trail, and I tried to hide from them. I was not embarrassed about my nakedness, but about the fact that I had fallen. They made it over to me, and one went for help while the other stayed with me. My arms and legs were broken, snapping as I still managed to walk along like twigs. We made camp for the night, knowing we wouldn’t be back to the top until the next day at the earliest.

As we sat around the tent, two, then three black, eyeless wolves appeared, circling us silently. He told me that we would have to run, but I was so slow with my broken legs that escape, at least for me, was impossible. Realizing this, he suggested that we make for an opening in the rock nearby. We would jump down into the cave, and try to find a connecting cavern, he was pretty confident that we would hook up with the main cave system, but he hadn’t been in this particular area before. Rather than risk a potential death in the darkness of a cave, I chose to stay and be eaten by the wolves. He waved goodby and jumped down into the hole without me.


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