A-Typical New-Years Post A Few Days Late

My New Years Update to The Bucket List:

Pickle my own veggies
Learn how to use Excell excellently
Live in NYC for a year
Live in Dublin for a Year
Attend Ibiza for a summer
Work as a columnist
Find a way to be alone in wild places every week
Surprise myself
Fall in love again
Eat an entire watermelon
Live alone
Be great at hula-hooping
Really sleep
Learn to watercolor
Build myself a kitchen garden
Have garden chickens
Send off a burning paper lantern

Things I have done this year that I am proud of:

Get my very first big girl job
Get a big girl bag for my big girl job (a red Kate Spade)
Go Paragliding in the rockies
Fall in love
Graduate college
Swim in bioluminescent plankton
Lose those extra 5Lbs.
Discover a melibe leonina in the sound
Make a new friend
Eat a pig eye
Find the steal of the century (black heels with the NY skyline + trade centers bedazzled along the side, that say 2000 on the toe $19)
Wear deep blue the classiest hue
Buy a new car that’s all mine (2000 green Ford Focus Wagon)
Love on a baby without being scared/ confused
Learn IPA
Conquer a shrimp
Read The Hobbit
Successfully maintain a houseplant for over a year
Have my room filled with balloons
Learn how to contemporary dance
Visit Boston with my best friend

4 thoughts on “A-Typical New-Years Post A Few Days Late

  1. What an awesome summary of your 2013 events! I can be away for many many months, come back and read the annual summary report, and be all caught up.lol.
    Gratz on your first real job, first new car, and I’m so jealous about “Swim in bioluminescent plankton”. How did you decide on a 2000 Ford Focus? For some reason I had you pinned with either a Subaru outback or a Honda Civic. I have a strange habit of juxtaposing a car to anybody I meet.lol

    • I wanted a Subaru sooo bad! The Focus isn’t what you think though, it’s a wagon so it looks really close to a Forester… I chose it because it only had 78,000 miles on it, looked brand new, had no problems and was only $4,800, it’s super reliable, aesthetic and gets great gas mileage! Seriously though you’re totally right to peg me as a Subaru fan 🙂

      • What I coincidence, I just picked up my new used truck in December with 78000miles on it, and its also 2000 model year.lol. Sounds like you got a great deal on it, and I can’t imagine how excited you were with the purchase, and it brings back some old memories of mine…rip 1982 Nissan Pulsar 😦
        I just want to give you few helpful car tips that I learned along the way:
        1. Synthetic oil change. Every 3k miles for its first year and every 4k miles after. You should really learn to do this yourself because service centers charge you arm and a leg for synthetic oil
        2. Radiator flush every year, if you want your heater to blow nice and toasty every winter.
        3. Know what your steering tie rods are, inspect them, and learn to take care of it. Check them after any unusual contact to your front wheel. You do not want your front wheel disconnecting at 55mph. This happened to me twice and I became expert at inspecting tie rods afterwards.lol

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