Autobiography Page-A-Day #4

Snapshots from my life, one question at a time.

I would describe my sibling(s) when we were young in these ways:

My little brother adored me growing up, always following my lead, wanting to do whatever I was doing. This made little sense to me as I was constantly picking on him and tricking him. He was quiet while I was loud, and in so many ways my total opposite. He tried to help me to not get so upset and fight with my dad all the time, and tried so hard to be non-combative and obliging. When he was young he would put on my dad’s tie and stand by the door saying, “I’ve gotta go to work!” He wanted to be an architect when he grew up and said he would build each of us our very own house. I remember he would play dress up with me and we would put on the Aladdin soundtrack and jump from one couch to the other pretending we could fly. We played arctic seals when we were in the tub and turned all the lights off because the sun doesn’t come up in Antarctica in the winter.

On two occasions we had step-siblings for a time. On the first occasion my dad was engaged for about three years and never legally married, and she had four kids: Lacey, Mickey, John, and Jamie. After the engagement broke off, my dad began to date and was married to another woman for five years. She was evil-stepmother material if ever there was such a thing in real life, and she had two boys, one my age (Glen) and one my younger brother’s age, (Gavin). I never really got along with any of my step-siblings, the first time because I believe we were a bit too young to form bonds, and they were kind of a pack, there being four of them and all. The second time my father attempted to blend families I believe we did not get along because Liesa wanted her boys to keep their distance, also they were very different socially from me and my brother, finally I think we were a bit jaded from the first time we acquired “new siblings” only to have them completely erased from our lives after only three years.



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