My best friend and I were on some sort of African Safari adventure akin to Out of Africa. As one would expect, the outfits were absolutely to die for, and caught on nothing but the most photogenic gusts of wind as we climbed up trees and ran across the veldt through hundreds of orange and purple flowers. We came to a perfectly flat, brown plain in the middle of which sat two lion cubs and one leopard cub. They were completely alone, and we ran up to them, concerned at the bizarre circumstance that would leave the cubs in each other’s company. As we reached them, we turned to see a lioness and a mother leopard running at us fangs bared, with such speed we knew even as we turned to run that we had no chance of escape. For a moment, things went dark, and the next image was a bird’s-eye view of myself and two other bodies, lying motionless on the ground. The other two had large pools of blood around their heads and on their legs, indicating that they were most certainly dead, but my own body was bleeding from the hairline only a little. I was still alive, but remained still so the lioness and leopard, (whom I could see nearby) wouldn’t catch on. As I lay their it became clear to me that these two mother’s had come up with the clever notion of putting their young together in order to draw in baffled observers. They would wait until their unsuspecting and bewildered prey was close enough and pounce, with both the element of surprise and speed on their side. I smiled, wanting to laugh at how foolish we had been.
Looking back, I do not know who the third body was, but I assume it is representative of the other half of myself as this duality shows up quite frequently. Additionally, I feel that the lion cubs represent me, and the leopard cub is my friend.


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