Sci-Fi Fantasy

Possibly the most sci-fi dream I have ever had. I am on a space ship. Humankind and planet earth have been destroyed, their bodies taken over by a type of alien parasite similar to those in the body snatchers, or Host, but far more insect like and very intelligent. The last remaining humans must act like the bodies that host the aliens, if they are found out they are shot out into a nearby sun. They take blood every day, like in Gattica, and if your blood is pure human, you’re out of luck.
Three of the leading humans are found out, and each one is given the option to rat out five other known humans, and be made into a host for the aliens, or be blown out into space. Two of them comply and write down five names each, one does not. The two who comply are ripped apart, one has no skin or eyes before being emptied into the cosmos, the other is unrecognizable, burns covering their entire being. The woman who says nothing is spared torture, and shot out alive into the sun.
An almost instantaneous death is for me, slowed down. I can see her incinerated particle by particle until nothing remains but blackness and stars. She is beautiful even in her death, with iridescent skin and large eyes. She screams silently with an open mouth in space, but it is not a scream of fear, it is a cry of outrage.

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