Lightning, Alabama

we’re all doing this huge line dance outside on a gravel road while some stereotypical teen angst band preforms live on a nearby platform. They keep shouting, “let’s hear it Lightning, Alabama!” I turn to my friend without falling out of step and ask out of the corner of my mouth, “is Lightning an actual place in Alabama? Do they not know that they’re preforming in Seattle?” She says, “who cares?”
I realized in that moment that this hypothetical person who might care about this, was not in fact me. I kept dancing along happily, freed from the self-imposed burden of worrying over the competency of a band whose name I could not recall, when I heard a helicopter overhead. It landed and Britney Spears who was actually Miley Cyrus stepped out, causing the line dance to rupture as everyone rushed over to get in line for her autograph. Katy said that without the line dance, today had been a total waste of some great cowgirl boots, and I agreed wholeheartedly.


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