Re-Arranged Marriage


I am enrolled in a university, based out of a large hotel. Each student is given a key with a room umber on it, in pairs of two, the catch is that whoever else has your room key is also your fiancée. My room 225 is extremely difficult to find, and I have to go down a couple of flights of stairs onto the ground floor of the building in a totally secluded corner to finally arrive. Also, I am Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries. 

I get my key out and wonder just who it is I will be marrying, and if they are even inside yet. Opening the door I find myself alone, so I unpack and sit on the bed. Still no one comes. At the end of the day we go to a huge assembly with our partners, mine still hasn’t shown up, and we are supposed to introduce each other to the world. Apparently I am the only person out of hundreds that hasn’t been given a husband, so I go down to the center of the gym floor and call out for one, hoping that some lost person will recognize their error and run down to me.


Nobody does. I sit in the gym ashamed and embarrassed while the others file out, whispering to each other about my misfortune, until I am finally alone. The entire place goes quiet after the doors close on the final couple. A moment later, I hear a small door open in the side of the stage opposite me, and a younger boy, a bit on the tubby side with dark curly hair crawls out. He doesn’t see me, so I make my way over to him quietly so as not to startle him. As I pass the door he emerged from, I notice that in dirt covered numbers barely visible from a distance it is marked 225.

He is nowhere to be seen, but I am determined to find him again, knowing he must be my intended. My wandering finds me in a huge winter garden full of plants, all of which are dead and brown. I see him opposite me sitting in the grass and worry that he will get a cold. When I try to walk over to him, a pair of large white eyes appear in front of me, and a huge spike is driven into my heart by some sort of unseen phantom. I fall to the ground and he finally looks over to me, yet now a strange smokey presence is all around him, and he leaves me there to die.


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