A Hobo With a Shotgun

I was shot in the back by the twin brother of a homeless man I had been helping. I was renovating a scratched up former outhouse into a temporary sleeping place for the man. We also dug up the ground into a honeycomb pattern to naturally increase the heat of the overturned earth near the “home”. I recognized his brother before he attacked us, though clean-shaven, the resemblance was uncanny and I was made uneasy by his behavior.

He approached my mother and I as we were walking back towards our car from behind. I saw the gun flash metal in the corner of my eye, then he raised it shooting me across the shoulder blades, before I hit the ground he had shot my mother in the stomach. As I fell I thought, “I’ll just stay still like I am dead” hoping he’d leave me alone. This was successful as he turned away and emptied the remaining rounds into the grass near some children. I got up and tackled him, then woke up feeling unresolved.

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