Autobiography Page-A-Day #2

Snapshots from my life, one question at a time.

Some of my favorite games,toys, and ways to entertain myself:

horsies girl 10

I liked to be outside at home, (though I abhorred recess, and preferred to stay in and help grade papers). I had fancy plastic horses and I would make up stories for them. One of my favorite scenarios was flooding the lawn with the hose to create a marsh environment for them to live in. I like to play inside a full size tepee, and a double-decker fort my dad made out of a Gateway computer box. That fort in particular must have lasted forever because I remember growing too big to fit through the entry hole cut in the bottom, strong enough to pick it up over my head, and heavy enough to finally break the cardboard bottom out of the upper floor.

I liked to play hide and go seek in the dark, and make couch palaces with my little brother. My friend Casey had a little room through a door in the back of her closet that was full of Barbies. Sometimes, we would turn on the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and dress up in my mom’s old clothes while we sang along and acted out the scenes in the living room.

I wanted to be a zoo keeper when I grew up and I would create “enclosures” for my stuffed animals and pets alike. When I visited my grandparents in Arizona I would catch lizards and make habitats in white, ten-gallon  tubs, filling them with sand and cactus boots.

At summer camp, I liked capture the flag the most, and turtle hunting. I hated to go swimming. I liked to read, make melted crayon art, and play with Diplo toys on “Makenzie Days” at my grandmother’s house.

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