Oh! Excuse Me!

I am at a marine training facility walking through the sea lion enclosure, searching for a spare room where I can change into my swimsuit. I walk into this multi-level structure which surely would have a bathroom but it’s like a maze inside. There weren’t any labels on the doors, so I followed some girls into what seemed to be a locker room lined on one side with showers. The girls were nowhere to be seen, so I began to undress. I felt watched, so I looked around, and I notice a sea lion watching me angrily from behind a row of lockers, apparently I had walked in on her. She charged me, half-naked with an arm-full of clothes and chased me all over the complex, even up the stairs which should NOT have been possible.


This dream made me sad more than anything, after watching Blackfish anything sea-world/ aquarium related makes the humanitarian in me weepy.



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