101 Dalmatians

This dream was really long, but so repetitive that it takes up only a few lines, enjoy!


I am loading all 101 Dalmatian puppies onto a big truck, helping them escape Cruella in the dead of winter. All of their tails have fallen off onto the snow, and while the puppies aren’t in pain, the wiggly tails are making a huge red stain contrasting the winter white. I have to work quickly, and I’m exhausted by the time the last puppy is loaded. I awoke with a thought, a question that I would really like an answer to:

So, there are over one hundred dogs attempting to elude Cruella in the snow, and they cover their tracks by erasing them with a branch, but correct me if I’m wrong, they’d have to leave a trail of yellow snow right? I mean none of them peed the whole time? I remain a skeptic.


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