From the time I could run amok I was playing soccer, and from mini-mod to express, my father was always my coach. He was wonderful at screaming, and nearly always had the team, myself included, in tears at various points during the season. This dream very sweetly allowed me to relive some of those especially tragic memories, y’know, in case I’d forgotten.


We’re playing soccer, and I’m maybe eleven, my dad has put me in as goalie, which I am absolutely terrible at. Not surprisingly the other team is making shot after shot, and my dad’s face is getting redder and redder on the sidelines. Finally he pulls me out of the game, and tells me I’m done for the day. I’m more than upset as I am great at playing defense, and if he would just give me a chance to play in a spot where I can be helpful… Unfortunately he is unmoved. The opposing team’s coach puts in his two cents begging my dad to put me back into the goalie position, (real nice mister), this of course only infuriates my loving father further.


I run on to the field, trying to force my dad to put me back in, and he’s screaming at me, as having too many players on the field has now cost our team a penalty shot. At this point, I become quite morose, and lie down in the middle of my own team’s goal, crying as I’m hit by ball after ball, listening to the incoherent howling coming from my team’s side of the field. I’ve had enough, I’m completely over it all, so I stand up and leave the arena to a jeering crowd. Once outside I feel like I’m about to start sobbing again so I hurry to find my mother’s car, only to realize I’m hopelessly lost in the parking lot.



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