The Fear of Failure


I am about to give birth but everything has gone horribly wrong. I’m in my grandmother’s house, walking through an endless number of rooms, trying to find some privacy from my father’s side of the family, all of whom are present and few with which I am acquainted. There is blood everywhere and I’m in intense pain, I can’t get out, I know something is wrong, I feel like I’m dying. They circle around me, locking me in the back bedroom, smiling at me and saying that everything is going so well.

I can’t stand anymore so I fall onto the ground, and very abruptly it’s all over. The pain is gone and everyone is clapping as if I’ve given birth, but there is nothing there, no baby, no blood. They are all acting like I have given birth to a healthy child but there is no body there. I’m just sitting on the ground surrounded by happiness, sadder than I’ve ever felt, ashamed, like I’ve failed the world.



One thought on “The Fear of Failure

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