Water for Rattlesnakes

Snakes get a bad rap symbolically in dreams, commonly associated with the male… parts, which I for one do not agree with. I feel, as I have mentioned in previous posts, that you’ll most likely know if your dream meant anything to you and the same scenario/ image can mean different things to many different dreamers, (not everyone shares your cultural background). now that I’ve managed to get the housekeeping out of the way, onward to the dreaming!

My grandfather and I were riding off-road in the pickup he used to have when I was little. The windows were down but there didn’t seem to be any wind as we made our way up a wide sandy wash into a canyon. Arriving at a spot he referred to as, “just the right place,” he reached across to open my car door, then jumped out of the cab into the desert. I looked around confused, nothing truly seemed special or just right about the area, there was little more than sand, scrub brush and blue palo verde trees. It was then that I felt a strange foreboding, and looked down to find multiple species of snake, some that I’m sure have never existed before. I recognized corn, king, and coral, two types of rattlesnake, and some bull-whips that were absolutely massive. I’m not afraid of snakes, in fact, I own a big orange corn snake named Whitman, so I wasn’t too concerned, aside from dodging the diamond backs, ’cause boy, those are nasty.


I realized however that I was a young, healthy specimen, while my grandfather, though tough and active, was deceptively old, furthermore, we were hundreds of miles from medical attention should anything terrible happen. My grandfather has meant the world to me since the earliest moments of my life, he is a beautiful person who loves mankind unconditionally a quality I have never witnessed in anyone else, so the thought of his impending death was horrifying. I was so scared, yet he remained calm, and walked over next to a huge palo verde that dwarfed the others around it. He sat down and drank three gallons of water, and I nervously squatted beside him, kicking at anything that came too near.


He said if he could keep drinking he would become round, and be the whole world, but he stayed just as skinny as ever, as if the water passed directly through him. He seemed unphased by my growing anxiety and kept deffering our scheduled return to the car so he could sit and drink all of the water he had brought. He was beginning to seem like seed, and I didn’t want him to put down roots in such a dangerous place. A single yellow sand-snake, more poisonous than a cobra, appeared at his right heel. I hadn’t seen it sneak up as it had blended so well into the background. It didn’t bite him, just sat there, and I knew from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi that if my grandfather moved an inch, it would all be over. He would have to stay there, so I walked carefully back to the pick-up, and just sat there in the driver’s seat looking back at him.


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