So there I was, running haphazardly over dead trees through an impassable tangle of woods. I was pursued by one of my friends from the past, lets call her Winifred, (who to be fair, was possessed by her evil great-aunt-somebody). She was wielding a very mean looking shotgun taking shots that echoed in my rib-cage like thunder. I dove in, under, or around any possible shelter to give her the slip but she seemed to know instinctively where I would be at any given moment.

Out of sheer desperation I took a chance, lunging at her while she reloaded, and after a bit of a tussle, I gained control of the firearm. She kept screaming at me that she was going to kill me, circling me, waiting for me to take my eyes off her for one fateful second. I shot her directly in the heart, then again in the very center on her forehead, outlining her third-eye.

She didn’t die of course, but calmed down quite rapidly, back to her old self, and asked me if I could find her a place to lie down for a while. She reassured me that this had happened before and she just needed to, “sleep it off.”



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