Psychic Siblings


It is one of my absolute nightmares to be eaten by an orca whale

Yes I know that it is an unconventional and irrational fear, but to each their own, and I will always own up to being terrified of those very same wolves of the sea. Last night I had a quite pleasant dream about living in a hobbit house full of bits and bobs of all sorts, but that is not my aim in writing today. Today I will recount, to the best of my ability and with a bit of additional flare, my nightmare, through the dream-scape of my brother. I personally love it when I get to hear that I was a part of someones REM, but his account over the phone to me this morning was more than a bit unsettling, as he happened to have shared in my biggest nightmare.


He and I were riding along on a subway car in Seattle, right along the coastline and through the surf, the water line skimming about half way up the windows on the side of our compartment. You could see down into the water which was amazingly deep though we were only at the coastline, like the sunken track of the spirit train from a Studio Ghibli film.


An orca whale came up to the window and pressed its nose up against the glass. He reached out to it, touching it through the glass, but I warned him not to, on the opposite side, something nudged the car gently. The nudge came again, hard this time, smashing into the side of the car with enough force to run our car off the track. He recalled the wave hunting methods of an orca pod, and he began to share in my palpable fear.


the car was sinking into the abyss and we were taking on water, rushing to the dry end we tried to get the door open to escape but it was stuck. Forcing it open by kicking it in, water filled the compartment and we swam out. It floated down towards the ocean bed, lights flickering off as it lost power underwater.


Turning back to locate the two whales who had attacked us, a horrifying sight greeted us, there were hundreds of orcas, the water was full of them. My younger brother swam for a ladder onto a dock about fifty yards inland, but I swam off towards the islands of the sound, and out of his dream.


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