Heroes and a Cat

I dreamed of a young couple who fell in love in the big city. They became engaged, but on the night they announced their intentions to their families, tragedy struck. Walking home covered in smiles, they were jumped by some run of the mill thug down an alley as dark as any other. She ran, blind with fear, but the boy tried to defend himself. Shoved backwards, he fell through the yellow plastic of cautionary construction tape, down through an open grate in the sidewalk. His head smacked into the concrete, and his broken body stretched out awkwardly still. The dark man retreated into the night, but the boy’s shattered body was never retrieved.

America's Next Top Model

It had been five years since his death, and she had devoted herself to mechanical engineering, a brilliant scientist who had succeeded in transforming herself into a masked vigilante. Without a revenge fueled montage, she slunk about in alleyways at night, armed to the teeth with gadgets of every variety, not so much fighting crime as destroying it. There was no mercy left within her. Wings of onyx feathers granted her flight, and a purple   skateboard propelled by rockets allowed her maximum mobility about the city at night.


She was sitting, as was her custom, up on a fire escape near the entrance to a private club of ill repute, when a disturbance one alley over caught in her modified earpiece. Scrabbling across the roof she peered over the edge of the building to find a man-made of shadows, attempting to apprehend one of the top men in the gang she’d been tracking. Turning around, he caught sight of her, quickly slipped handcuffs around the man’s wrists and attached him to a bike lock, then moved to flee. In the darkness, she blocked his escape, catching him by the wrist which he countered, and both tumbled under a street lamp where they at once recognized each other, her fiancée had lived.


Leave it to the refuse of the big city to turn the underground tunnels toxic, he had achieved superhuman strength. Genetically altered, he had lived beneath the surface, only appearing at night as living in the sun was painful for his pigment stripped body. For the first time in years, he was able to come above ground for extended periods of time, only to find her again. Naturally, they were a perfect team, and she informed him of a plan she was concocting to catch her biggest fish, a villain known only as Cat.


The following evening the girl made her way down to the docks to case out the shipyards where Cat was supposedly importing weaponry to sell via an underground black market. Almost immediately after she set foot on the grounds, she was apprehended by an overly zealous team of surveillance minions who brought her directly to their revered leader. A deep purple car pulled up slowly in front of her, and a porter ran to open the rear door, for the first time, she beheld Cat.

A large man with thick hands and a blue pinstriped suit emerged holding an orange tabby cat which seemed to be sleeping soundly in the crook of his arm, she understood now why he was called Cat, as it was quite easily the largest cat she had ever seen. Its eyes opened revealing a revolting yellow iris and the cat seemed to stare directly through her. Without looking down, Cat passed her by, pausing briefly to say, “put that away,” as he moved on towards a massive warehouse.


Her prison was a large glass box with literally no privacy, though she was let out each day for a short period of time to work cleaning certain areas of the warehouse. Taking advantage of the silver lining, she kept her wits about her and attempted to soak in all she could about the nefarious Cat. It was not long before fortune favored her with a glimpse of Cat’s true nature.

From behind a curtain, she heard Cat showering and, as she was not supposed to be in the locker rooms she peered out to make sure he was occupied before she attempted to sneak to her cell. On the floor of the shower sat a pale pink form with no arms or legs, only fleshy stubs, and a half fur covered face. She recognized the horrible yellow of its eyes, as it said in a calm voice, “now it is time for you to give me your arms.” The old man was crying, terrified from the other side of the shower where she couldn’t see him. She saw his arm extend out towards the disgusting half-breed and watched in terror as the creature absorbed the man’s arm onto its own body.

broken arm

Unseen the girl fled back to her prison, her heart in her head and sick with the image of what had transpired in front of her. Cat was in fact, the cat, not the man, and she must have been killing and absorbing other body parts from her workers. As she tried to gain her composure, she was grabbed from behind and gagged with some sort of chemical coated cloth. When she came to she was lying in her bed at home, her rescuer and fiancée bending over her with a look of relief.

She relayed what she had seen, and they brewed up a flesh melting mixture of some kind. Time was ticking as they had to dissolve her before she became fully human. Returning to the docks, they watched her from above, she had almost completed her transition. Working together they lured Cat away from her protectors and into a trap, pouring the liquid all over her. At first they thought they had killed her, but as they waited, a small orange kitten stumbled away from the rest of the gelatinous mass that had been Cat. Its eyes were bright blue, and it’s soul was cleansed. The couple took pity on the little thing and brought it home with them to live.


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