Novice Tarot Reading Anyone?

Please let me read your tarot!

So, I kind of have an interesting talent I suppose you could call it, and this is me reaching out to my blogging community and asking for brave volunteers to help me perfect my abilities. I have been learning agnostic tarot reading with one of my very close friends, and it is an extreme amount of fun. I’m not psychic and I cannot tell the future, but for me, tarot is an interesting social prop and a fun way to have creative conversation with someone. I’ll get right to the main point I guess, does anyone want a free, novice, tarot reading?

I have a deck and for everyone who comments that they’d like one, I can pull your cards and give you a reading. This is a way we can help each other out as I need to brush up on my Arcana Major (mainly), and you get a sweet deal which will at the very least amuse you/ be kind of fun. So you guys should all send me a comment letting me know if you have a particular question or if you’d just like something a little more ambiguous, and help me practice!

Reading tarot is so much fun, and it’s not about guessing your future or revealing scarily accurate things about who you are as a person, it’s all about drawing up intriguing scenarios and offering insightful and creative methods for dealing with and viewing the world around us.

Recently, I was doodling in class and realized that, without paying attention I had created a tarot reading for myself. I was really excited to get home and analyze it, so without further ado, I present to you an example of how I like to read taro.

A sample of a reading I did on myself!


At the center of everything, I drew a madrigal lion. The lion is one half of the Major Arcana strength. In the original card, the lion is shown, being dominated by a woman, depicting the power of total emotional control and patience as the key to achieving true strength of will. The lion is the beast within us all, and as a fire card, the lion represents me, where I am currently in my life. I am imbued with an overwhelming level of control over my inner beast, which puts me in a state where I am more than ready to dominate any challenge thrown my way, if I trust in myself, and continue to hold control over my emotional state.


The lion I drew is facing two challenges, the first of which is represented by the eight of pentacles. This card shows a man bent over, working diligently to create material goods. It is often indicative of the mastering of a new skill-set, and presents the challenge of pushing for those last few moments, as success is almost near enough to taste. The reward is great, but it is often in the last stretch that we can lose faith and give up on our goals. Currently I find myself in a position where I am so very close to making it over that final crest into emotional independence, but lately I’ve been presented with ample opportunity to fall backwards and away from what I know will make me most happy. Drawing on my inner lion I need to find the strength to carry through.


The second challenge is the two of swords, an interesting card indeed as it is always a challenge card. A blindfolded woman sits with crossed arms, in each hand she holds a sword. This is a card of decision-making, a balancing act between two potential futures. It operates as a fork in the road, and my challenge is in making a decision. As Frost would remind me, “two paths diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”


This is not to say that one should take the stranger of two decisions, but simply that every decision you make is life changing, and there is absolutely no way to tell whether or not any decision leaves you better or worse off. The challenge is in making the decision at all, as ignoring the choice simply makes one stagnate, and it will not make a decision for itself. Again with the power of my inner strength I need to trust myself to leap headlong down the path of my future and stop stagnating  This is applicable to the other challenge as well, concerning my current dalliances and the need to move past them by one means or another.


In addition to my two challenges, there were two corresponding outcomes. The first outcome is the four of wands. One of the most absolutely positive cards in the entire deck, it’s a paragon of joyful stability, particularly as it pertains to one’s home life and environment. I am a strong believer in creating safe spaces for yourself in order to thrive, so this reward would be wonderful for me. The second outcome is the ace of cups. The ace being the highest achievement for any suit and the cups representing the emotional side of our entity, the ace of cups signifies a fruitful and overwhelmingly successful emotional conquest.


The final interpretation broken down is thus, I need to use this moment of my life, while I am filled with emotional control and strength of mind, to avoid any pitfalls and push through to see the fulfillment of my journey towards achieving my own independence, trusting myself to make the right decisions and move on with my life otherwise risking stagnation. By doing so I will affect an environment for myself that is both nurturing and positive, and ultimately conclude with the achievement of emotional bliss.

The rest is up to you guys!

I would really love to do a reading just for fun for anyone and everyone who wants one, so please let me know! I’d like to make my readings for each of you public so I can document each moment, but if you’d rather I email you privately, I’d still enjoy the opportunity to get some practice!

2 thoughts on “Novice Tarot Reading Anyone?

  1. Not specifically requesting a reading, but I read it since you posted a link on Facebook and I think it’s awesome that you’re practicing your skills by offering readings! Can we please get together and do a reading together sometime? I think tarot is a great way to use applied symbology and play with narrative form. You. Me. Wine. Bring our decks and geek out?

    And actually, since I’m here, why not ask for a reading about Spring quarter?


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