Leave it to the Poe-fessionals

I am at a basketball game as a spectator, but the team needs an extra player. I played in high school, though I was never very good aside from being an absolute demon on defense. I managed by the skin of my teeth, to block every single shot the other team attempted, but they had a head start, and our offense made no further baskets, so in the end, we still lost.


The other team’s point guard was furious with me and still had a bone to pick as I had prevented her from breaking her baskets per game record. She grumbles audibly at me some string of obscenities, but I shrug it off, and the team comes forward. They are holding a crow before them like some bizarre offering, and they tell me I must kill it, as I promised, or nothing good will come.


I cannot remember ever promising anything of the kind, but they are convinced that it must be done to avoid a terrible misfortune, and that I must be the one to do it. I tried so hard to do it, but in the end I just couldn’t bring myself to kill it. I was crying, and it was screaming and everybody was yelling at me to just do it, so I sat down and covered my head, happy to curl into a ball of terror until I woke up in the quiet of my room.



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