Thrift Shopper


I am at a thrift shop, looking for an entirely new wardrobe, as mine has somehow disappeared. The shop seems to have everything but clothes, however the shopkeeper leads me down some stairs covered in hideous green shag carpet, and leads me to a little three-foot square hole in the wall.


It appears to be a tunnel, covered floor to ceiling in that same atrocious carpeting. An employee is sleeping in the dimly lit entrance and simply snorts and rolls over as we approach. I crawl into the tunnel and begin to pick up scattered garments from all over the floor. It’s musty and terrible and I feel like I’m going blind with claustrophobia, so soon after I find myself crawling back out toward the light empty-handed.


Giving up entirely I head out the front door, passing a really pretty green scarf with dragons on it. I pause to look at it, though it’s too expensive for me, and I notice something odd about the nature of the little welcome bell hanging on the door.


Looking up I see that a poisonous dart is lodged in it, preventing it from ringing properly. I then notice that there is an elderly woman. I can see her in the side mirror of the car she is crouching behind. She is armed with more of the darts and it quickly becomes apparent that I am her target. The pause to notice that scarf has saved me from certain death. I sneak out the back door and wake up.

Poison Dart Frog1

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