My One Year Anniversary!

I’ve been blogging for a whole entire year! Looking back on “this blog experiment” that I embarked upon last year, it truly has been a journey. I began my blog with a few key goals.


My new years resolution was to write my dreams, every single day, and post them at least three times a week. So how did I do? I recycled a few of them from my old blog, and squeezed in some personal reflection. I aired my poetry and short fiction’s in process, (and got phenomenal feedback by the way, so thank you), in the end I posted 83 new dreams from the past year. That’s 1.6 posts a week if we average it out, and to myself I give a bit of a pat, “well done, self,” though I didn’t stick exactly to my original goal, I did a pretty decent job of getting posts out there.


I also wanted to learn how this blogging thing really worked. What exactly could I accomplish from the Dashboard, what kind of themes could I use, and how effectively to make my blog interestingly formatted for readers? What is a blog, and how do you make yours interesting? I’ve gotten a pretty good grip at this point, but really, I still feel so new to the whole experience. How wonderful that the evolution of my blogging experience is keeping me on my toes and challenging me with new obstacles and fresh content ideas on the daily!


There are two things that took me by surprise when it comes to blogging. First, the community of blogging is fantastic. It is really amazing to read so many interesting stories and follow/ comment on such a great array of material. It becomes almost as fun as writing your own blog, to read someone else’s and give them support/ feedback, especially when you can get a relationship going with fellow writers/ photographers/ artists.


The second blogging tid-bit I gleaned is in and of itself a skill that I plan to expand upon beyond the world of wordpress. I began to get comments almost immediately pertaining to how interesting it was to see the pictures I chose to represent what I saw in the realm of my dreams. As I am no great painter, I have always had to rely on my ability to somehow find images on the net that coincided as closely as possible with what I was trying to convey through my writing.


I have found that nowadays I am practically a savant when it comes to Google image searching for amazingly specific content, and I spend at least as much time finding the perfect media for each post if not more time than I spend recounting the dreams themselves.

So there it is short and sweet, I’ve been loving it here on wordpress, this site, and the awesome bloggers that comprise it allowed me a beautiful opportunity to share my dreaming with the world. Next up, my sister site:

A place for impulsive and reckless poetry based on all of my dream posts, containing some of my past poetry, and working as a dump-site for my brain, so that I may slowly become more proficient at writing on a whim. No filters, no white-out, no shame in understanding that to get to the goods, you gotta overcome the literary swill.



10 thoughts on “My One Year Anniversary!

      • now that you are a seasoned veteran, year #2 should be piece of cake 🙂
        Does all your close friends follow your blog? I’m curious what they think of your blog 🙂

      • Actually, I think only one person who I know personally follows my blog. My mother and brother look at it when I ask them for their opinion or whenever I write about anything with them in it, but honestly, I don’t get any feedback from those I know personally. I started posting on my Facebook, to see if I could grab anyone but to no avail.

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