Laundry Line

I am half of an all star detective duo akin to SVU, we are looking for a little boy around seven years old who has been abducted. He’s pretty smart for just a kid and has been leaving clues on pieces of masking tape everywhere he goes. They are left in obscure places like behind dressers or on ceiling fans so we have to take extra care in making sure that we find all of them.

artsy tape

So far we know that some sort of business man has taken him, and he is beaten every day. Soon we find out he is not alone, they have his sister with them as well, a little girl of four who seems to have some sort of serious illness. We find the little girl first, left behind for being too much of a burden and slowing them down. In our hotel room, it is 3:16 in the morning and everything is completely still.


The little girl is too still, in a panic my partner runs to her, shaking the little body, hoping for signs of life. We are too late. Her lifeless body lays on the floor and we begin to argue as to which one of us is to blame for the death of the child. Behind us, the little girl moves slowly, she comes to a standing position. All at once she is on top of us, attacking with impossible strength, she has broken into a full sweat and her tiny body radiates heat, the room is fogged with water vapor.


I became aware of myself as part of a dream, and tried to wake up, but she grabbed me, pulled me down and seemed to hold me captive within my own mind. I can do nothing, I’m immobile, and my eyes float out the window, across the street where a woman is folding laundry, immune to my struggles.


It seemed so simple and lovely, to be washing clothes by hand and drying them in the sun, rather than held in space and time by some demonic child. As if she too has tired of the sport, she lunges at me one final time, sharpened fingernails stretched out towards my face. I close my eyes to brace for impact, and open my eyes to the waking world.


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