One of my professors hit me directly in the face. In total shock I demand to know his reasons, and equally enraged he hands me a sign that says “Students Against Abuse” and tells me in no uncertain terms that if I want justice, I had better protest. It’s freezing outside, and I’m in among a group of similarly abused students that I don’t know, so the point of standing around stupidly becomes less and less important to me.


Finally I cave and go into the cafe across from me to grab some sort of delicious warm beverage. No sooner am in in amongst the smell of fresh grounds and the warm embrace of a heater, than the offending professor appears and yells at me. Apparently I must have not been that upset by his behavior, I lack any and all resolve.

wasting paper face

9 thoughts on “Punch

  1. Amazing artwork in this post. Can’t believe a professor did that. Then again, I can.
    He had no right.

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