Fine Cupid!

I did it.

I made a profile on a dating site!

Wow what really? Nooooo…

But truly I did, and my account was book-ended by the rest of the friend group because we all got curious together, and curiosity is very contagious. There in the middle I stood though, proudly traversing my online dating domain, scent-marking my corner of the internet, I was practically Mufasa.


So, as I am not an online dating advice column, and I do not think there are any special social “revelations” I could disclose to you about the who’s and the why’s of it all, I am simply going to share the profile I made.

To make a profile, you have to give a self-summary. This is the worlds most impossible feat, and when we read someone’s profile, we aren’t looking for content, but aligning what they disclose, with our own social prejudices. Is the man whose summary is little but a famous quote: humorous, witty, or vain? Can he simply not come up with anything to say? Did he even try? Does he know himself at all?


The girl who loves sports, video-games and pizza, and I mean LOVES them. Is she really that way, or is she saying what she thinks others want to hear?

I really did try to be open with my profile. I tried to describe myself honestly, and in so doing, I learned that I know a lot more than I thought I did about what makes me who I am, online anyways.

My Profile:


My self summary:

I am an active and curious person, quite in touch with my inner child. I strive above everything to be as kind a human being as I can, and I really admire genuine kindness in others. Spontaneity comes very naturally to me, and my attention span can sometimes be short, but I love to go on adventures. Hiking, running, climbing, swimming, fishing, dancing, or playing in general, I always plan to be doing something entertaining during the day.
I am very into fashion on an artistic level and being well dressed is a must for me. I like to be up to snuff with Vogue and find the putting together of killer outfits really entertaining. I don’t expect anyone to care about someone who doesn’t care about themselves, so I do my best to make a positive impression on every day from the get go.
I enjoy music but I am bad at it. I do not know bands, I have no favorites really, and I listen to music from nearly every genre, so it’s a bit convoluted. My number one album is Dark Side of the Moon, and I am a classically trained vocalist, but beyond that my musical taste peters off into random directions. I do love to dance, I will dance to anything.
Video-games, I don’t play them, outside of the cliché Mario Kart gathering here and there, and I do occasionally indulge in Alpha Centauri if I’m expecting to spend an evening in. When I was in grade school I did play Oregon Trail, but mostly I just hunted until, “game had become scarce in my area.” I hate anything involving a Wii, it is altogether too silly.
I’m a fiercely loyal friend and value my inner circle of people greatly. In general I’ve got a def posse but I really like to meet new people and enjoy being out with a crowd. I am well-traveled and fascinated by other cultures, and I truly enjoy high-minded discourse. I think there is nothing better for a person than to broaden their horizons with an open mind. I also read the newspaper, because I am a grown up now.
What I’m doing with my life:

I am a student of literature with a TESOL minor, and I plan to fill up my life with uninhibited travel the world over. I will adventure to the end, my future is so glaringly shiny I am forced to wear protective lenses.
I’m really good at:

Dancing, also singing, and crossword puzzles. I am good at coming up with ideas, and thinking, and I am not too shabby at shrewd discussion either. I can run really fast.
The first thing people usually notice about me:

Shoes, I have really great shoes.
Favorite books, movies, music, shows, and food:
I love the Poisonwood Bible, Ender’s Game and the Phantom Tollbooth, also a book from my childhood called Little Pig and the Blue Green Sea. I like Gladiator, and I always suggest it if we are trying to decide on a movie to watch. I also like The Dark Crystal, and House of Flying Daggers. Recently I watched a film called Before Night Falls which is new to the list. I watch cheesy Korean dramas. My favorite genre of food is sushi, but I am allergic to shrimp.
The six things I could never live without:

Something to occupy my time
Socks (I have frigid feet)
Travel and adventure
Great Shoes
I spend a lot of time thinking about:
People, I love to write so I am very keen to become a student of the human condition.
On a typical Friday night I am:

Getting ready to go out with my friends, out with my friends, or sleeping after a night out with my friends.

The most private thing I am willing to admit:

I can be really shallow, I treat new acquaintances as if I have known them forever and wear my personality on my sleeve.
So there it is!

6 thoughts on “Fine Cupid!

  1. REALLY!!?? this must be another dream post of yours because a person of those stats shouldn’t even need a dating service site, suitors should be lined up in front of your house that is at least a block long. 🙂

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