I Like Myself

Today I realized that my life was wonderful. Totally imperfect and full of the good the bad and the ugly, at times cliché in the best ways, and insanely difficult, but wonderful just the same. So today, I will sing my life into the halls of heroes, and spend a quick moment on the tip of a tangent about just how lucky I am to be me. I recommend everyone spend a few minutes today thinking about the happiness in your life, and how lucky you are to be you, sing your body electric!

I have a lovely family


They are brilliant people who love me beyond anything, and make sure that I know it. My mother is the quickest wit, beautiful, supportive and brazen. She gives me such a well-crafted model of the female sex to look up to, and ices the cake with approving of me, letting me know that whatever I choose to do with my life, fail or succeed she will back me up. She snuggles me, loves me, and watches Korean dramas with me. Whenever I write anything, she’s the first person to tell me what an amazing writer I am, and give me the most constructive feedback on anything I send her way. If I wrote it on cardboard and held it up near the freeway, she’d remind me that I was using a word slightly incorrectly, but applaud my surrealism.

My little brother is sharp as a tack and one of the most physically creative people I know. He sings beautifully, and I can hear my own timbre within his. He’s always seeing things from the angle nobody else chose, and he has real passion in his life. When I get to spend time with him, I feel such an overwhelming level of love and pride.

My Father is a smarty too, are we seeing a pattern? He’s a staunch republican who has always pushed me to succeed, even when I myself felt ready to give up. He is one of the key forces in driving me to have a broad picture of the world, and an extremely open mind, so open I can watch FOX news, and if you think about it (female, liberal arts college student on the West coast of America), that makes me astoundingly understanding. He is also the sole means of funding my education, which has taken a bit longer than expected, and he has always been there for me with hard advice when I was struggling.

I cannot even begin to get into the shenanigans of my extended family, as we are all so close, and I want to mention other things in this post.

My friends are top-notch

Child Wearing Yellow Raincoat and Hat

I feel sometimes like I am being very effectively trumped by some hidden being, as I am blessed with a massive group of close friends that only gets broader and more solid as I’ve moved through my life. I have girl friends that love me, respect me, and share their clothes with me. Who are smart, fashionable, and raise me up socially when I can be a bit of an awkward or abrasive individual on my own. I love them so much, and feel so strongly that they are people worthy of respect. In my life I never thought I could be so intimately close with so many wonderful, talented, and intellectual women.

The boys in my life, are of course equally up to snuff. Entertaining men with fascinating minds, cerebral and creative people who share their lives with me. I’ve known some of them forever, yet even the new recruits seem to balance and flesh out the symmetry of the group as they fuse with it. I count myself particularly lucky to have an “in” with people who shape my world view so wonderfully, who have brought so much fascination and joy to my life over the years.

My life is going somewhere, and I am achieving my goals


Since getting into gear towards achieving my degree and becoming TESOL certified, I have become so much more intrigued by the concept of my future than ever before. Right now I’m on track to graduate soon, and be in Korea by the fall to teach. I read intriguing literature, publish new poems and short fictions frequently, run on the daily and eat great food. I work hard to improve myself and as each new goal is checked off the list, I feel like I have even more steam to fuel whatever is up next.

I like who I am


I am a beautiful woman! I have hair that stays curled even if it’s humid. My eyes are super huge and super blue, like the sea, I love them. I have really straight teeth even though I never wore my retainer, and I’ve never had a cavity. I’m 5’7″ which is the perfect height, still considered tall but not hulking around or towering about. I’m fit and young and healthy and have achieved all of my personal well-being goals at this point in my life, and I’m surprisingly back down to my cross-country weight of 127 without having lost my curves, so I feel really, really hot.

I’m passionate, intelligent and for the first time in my life I am a motivated person. I am consistently out and about being social and active, adventuring and learning nearly every day, and I don’t feel like I ever want to stop. I am teaching myself Korean, getting better at snowboarding and re-vamping my wardrobe. I am getting on famously at school and producing truly excellent works poetically and through memoir, and I am consistently in love with my classes. I’m happier to work on myself and remain un-involved with anyone romantically, and it has been the most freeing thing in the world to focus on making myself a better person.

3 thoughts on “I Like Myself

  1. Just realize some people write good !
    I want it to But it seems not so easy as i think but i just follow my mind.
    Where you get your inspiration from ?

    • For writing? I suppose from whatever is passing at the time. I really aim to write as honestly as possible. That is, I write what is is inside me at the time, I do not try to be impressive, and I accept that about 80% of writing is horrible. I chase my 20% achievable greatness by writing every day, that way I am getting the muck and mire out of the way and opening myself to the possibilities of writing something worthwhile. I’m curious why you choose to write in English as it is not your first language, I feel like that would be a massive undertaking. 🙂

      • its an undertaking wich its gonna be hard but i like the english language most of the things what i know is from another language the music movies and especially my friends.i just give it a try and lets see 🙂

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