Clairvoyance, But Really!

Back in the day, that day being my Junior year of high school, I had a very short, very odd bit of dream that became reality. I am not saying that I experienced a moment of clairvoyance, however, the eerie accuracy of such a tiny dream detail was quite perplexing to me at the time.

I dreamed that I was running through the hallways of my school on some sort of quest, (I did not write it down but I’m sure it was thrilling), and I happen to run past my home room. We had decorated the door for Halloween and I paused in my adventuring to point out that the gauzy spider web decoration was incorrect. I realized I was dreaming because it was green, and we had put up orange cobwebs.

I was literally dumbfounded the next morning when I went to class and saw green cobwebs over the door. The teacher explained that last night the sprinklers had gone off and ruined all of the orange cobwebs we had put up the day prior, and all she had on hand was green so she had redone the display earlier that morning.

I must say, though it was a small, insignificant thing to all others on the planet, I felt a little extra clairvoyant for the rest of the day.


One thought on “Clairvoyance, But Really!

  1. It’s so amazing how we can “tune” into the Universe. I believe we all have some sort of ESP, but ignore it since we are now civilized and no longer hunt for our food. Betcha you could strenghten your claivoyance if you wanted.

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