Mac Attack!

As I pass haphazardly through the cobblestone alleys of the waking world, one thing without fail brings be back up onto my very snazzy (and probably stolen from my mother), pumps. Having enjoyed many delectable selections of choice cuisine from a grab bag of cultures, it may come as odd, if not very odd that this dish is so ridiculously mundane, but mac and cheese, the kind with the shells and the three cheeses, from the box and unnaturally orange, has become a personal panacea of sorts.


If I’m being truly honest, I sometimes mix it with mashed potatoes, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Having had a hectic week full of tests and shenanigans, I eked in my front door and crawled desperately to the cupboard, to find it bereft of my mac! Give a poor dog a bone here! Not surprisingly, the dream that ensued was quite snarky…


Walking through the woods near campus with my wonderful friend, we spotted an odd red glow akin to radio towers, yet it was flashing in the window of the second level from the top of a towering dorm building. Sufficed to say our ears pricked up at this and we went to investigate. Down a narrow dark path through the trees and up a flight of stairs fit for a palace, (and way too long), we flung ourselves through the door at the top of the stairs. Our original quest was forgotten momentarily as we were greeted with an odd scene.

The whole floor had been re-vamped to make room for a student run vendor’s market, and oh the cheesy pasta gods would weep, it was chock full of every kind and brand of macaroni and cheese imaginable. I was literally a woman/kid in a cheesy/candy shop. I ran about trying to find my favorite type with the shells, but that was the only kind they did not have, of course…


Well, I should say that they did have it, but my dearest and most lovely friend told me I had better not buy from Kraft because of their unethical treatment of the animals, to which I grudgingly agreed. However there were no other brands of shells to be had, and so I was quite frustrated. Pulling me momentarily out of my glowering and into sheer excitement, then pushing me back down into disappointment, I spied the reason for the glowing lights.I had thought that they would be a monster or flashlights or something to start an adventure over, but it was just one of my old friends playing around with two red glow sticks, I was not amused.

Do not fret, I absolutely had to run and purchase my shells upon waking, and now I could feed lunch to a very lucky kindergarten class with the sheer volume stuffed and scrunched into the macaroni section, yes it has its own allocated space, in my pantry.


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