The Universe

There is a boundless purple sea of stars lorded over by a great, orange-headed cormorant. Every evening, the king of the ocean spreads wide his wings, shrouding the surrounding waters in a complete darkness, darker than reality could maintain. I stand on a delta of faded green grass and view the scene from above, preparing to dive into the depths. I fall and do not hit the water, I simply pass through the surface delicately and continue my slow free fall, now falling through space towards the earth.


It was as if I had fallen through a parallel universe back to my original planet. I was round and coiled like a python about to strike. As I floated closer, the waves on the planet’s surface echoed my pulse exactly. Branches cast up towards me as if weaving a basket in which to catch me with huge delicate limbs, pillowing my fall in their great heads of foliage.

yoga tree

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