Golden Palms and Pink Robins

I had a dream that I discovered tiny hairless puppies in a down insulated birds nest among blue robins eggs. Most could run quite fast and they hopped erratically like little fleas when they were afraid. Their mother was a pink robin and she told me that I needed to take care of them because she was flying south for the winter. I tried to keep them warm and safe but they kept jumping and escaping onto the ground, and there were just so many of them, ad every instant they were on the ground they got colder and colder.

One of the seven babies had weak, thin little legs and couldn’t stand very well, but I couldn’t help him because if I were to try, I would most likely break his little limbs. They were growing up fast, but the little one with the weak legs wasn’t getting any stronger or bigger, and I had to carry him with me in my palm whenever I took the other puppies out into the sun to play. The weak one would wobble happily on short walks in my hand following the pathways of my lifelines. He looked up at me and cried, but how could I understand what he meant? So he curled up in my palm and died. I covered him up between my palms then opened my hands to see that his body was underneath my skin, like a leaf floating underneath the ice that covers a pond. He was alive swimming in my hand and glowed golden, then swam up my arm and into my heart. I cried and cried, running from the scene, and ran into a room of white silk panels.

Before me was a pool, covered in violet petals so I stepped in and began to swim, until I stopped crying. I lay there floating on my back and held the strings of a kite, which a huge bird took hold of and carried up into outer space just beyond the atmosphere. I just lay there until I woke up flying my kite and feeling total calm.

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