Childhood Poetry

Today I did it, I went through all of the documents on my laptop, and dug out all the crap, leaving me with a fresh computer waiting to be filled up again with my fictions and musings. Oddly enough, while doing so, I found a folder entitle Makenzie’s Poems. Evidently I had taken a bunch of little poems from my childhood and typed them up so that I would have a hard copy. This one in particular stood out to me as quite charming, and ironically enough, it fit my task of weeding out my documents quite perfectly. I hope you’ll enjoy my indulgence in nostalgia.

Childhood Chores


The rot in the roses

turned up noses

slimy green poses

of weeds like hoses

strangling flowers

unnatural powers

gardener glowers

bloom sours

pulling up all day

underneath sun rays

on stomachs gardener’s lay

all work and no play

squelchy mud soils knees

landlord oversees

swarming mass of yellow bees

workers all in matching tees

shovel’s pry

solar eye

always spies

over shoulders

sunlight smolders

worker soldiers

day gets older

sinking fast

never to last

battles past

flags half mast

weeds in piles

on cold deck tiles

owner smiles

pizza dials

one small weed

just from seed

laughs with greed

among thick reeds

never culled

worker lulled

senses dulled

smiling wide

man inside

sun fried

fit to be tied

next morning

red flag warning

weeds again swarming

lawn adorning

battle lost

hefty cost

hats will toss

pray for frost.

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