Real Nightmares, (The Most Frightening Dream I Have Ever Had, Ever)

Quite easily the most terrifying, insomnia-inducing dream I have had in a very long time, if ever in my life. In my dream, I woke up in my bed at my mother’s house. The sky outside was dark and I was quite disoriented. My eyes adjusted finally, and in the dim light of the scene I made out the figure of my mother, sitting in a chair in the corner of my room. She was awake, and alert, and just looking at me quietly. Worried about her, I asked what was wrong?

She replied, “I’ve had the most awful dream, I couldn’t sleep and I was scared for you.” My mother and I often wake up in the night and, if the dream is bad enough, we’ll wake the other one up and tell them, so I responded as I usually do, “well, what was your dream about?”

She smiled at me and said, “we were coming back from dinner late at night, and we found that the house was locked, we couldn’t get in. There was this giant demon or maybe the devil inside and he kept repeating, ‘the big boy is here,’ and he wouldn’t let us in. I kept trying the handle though, and then he roared. At first it sounded like this deep moo with fourteen o’s and after each ‘o’ it got more and more horrible, then I woke up.”

I mulled over her explanation, and then something struck me as odd, “Mom, why were you trying to get into the house if that’s where the demon was?” She didn’t answer me so I asked, “do you think you could make the noise?” She began to stand, slowly, and I realized, this is a dream, and I do not want to hear that noise at all!

I struggled to wake up, saying, “Mom, stay over there, don’t come closer,” but my body would not wake up, and my mother continued to walk towards me. Just as she reached the side of the bed, my eyes flew open. I was lying on my side, awake in my own bed in my apartment. At this point I was no longer dreaming and fully awake, but for some horrific reason I couldn’t move.

Then the impossible happened. A touch so utterly known to me, my mother’s arms wedging underneath me and scooting me over to spoon, but I knew it couldn’t really be my mother, which made it so much more frightening. I felt it clear as day, those arms trying to cuddle me, pretending to be my mother, even the weight I felt pressing into the bed next to me was unmistakably hers.

A tearful voice, my mother’s whispered close to my ear, “I’m just so scared!” I struggled hard to move and finally with a massive thrashing I ripped myself up into a sitting position, and turned on my light. Fully lucid, fully awake, whatever it was, it had left.

I am fairly certain what I experienced was sleep paralysis, something that has happened to me once before, (I think) though completely mildly.

I lost sleep for a few days after having this dream terrified that it would manifest next time as a visual instead of an auditory or tactile like the others. One rule of thumb I will never again break, never, EVER, try to wake yourself up from a dream, no matter how scary, you risk blending nightmares with reality.

9 thoughts on “Real Nightmares, (The Most Frightening Dream I Have Ever Had, Ever)

  1. Terrifying! I’ve experienced a mild kind of sleep paralysis before, but luckily for me it’s usually sort of like midway between reality and a dream, and the room doesn’t look like it normally does and stuff like that, so it doesn’t feel so real once I do wake up.

    • I guess I am lucky to have experienced it, as many people never will, and it gives me an interesting topic to run with should I ever wish to incorporate it into my writing, but ugh, it’s horrifying.

    • Since I’ve now had sound and touch experiences with paralysis, I do so hope that I will not extend my experiences to cover all of the senses, I am particularly dreading visuals.

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