The Dream Snatchers

I had the most fantastically wild and colorful dream! Waking up around 3 AM I remember being so excited to post this one, I snuggled back down under the covers and returned to the playground of my dreams to wait for my 7 O’clock alarm. The instant I got back to sleep I was standing smack dab in the middle of my previous dream. From nowhere a bunch of milk-white figures came running into my dream.

They were gathering it up in armfuls and quickly packing it all away into little white boxes. As they did so, my entire landscape began to rapidly disappear, leaving only white. I tried to run after them, to stop them from  tearing everything down, but they were so fast. The last white man ran invisibly, holding a basketball sized clump of my former dream reduced now to a gauzy pouf of purple cotton candy, against a backdrop of white.

He hopped into the box, taking the last of my dream with him and as the box shut I was left standing disoriented in a world of nothing. My alarm went off at this point and upon waking I found that the little ivory bandits had been wholly effective, I had no recollection whatsoever of my original dream.

2 thoughts on “The Dream Snatchers

  1. Sounds fantastic. I find it really frustrating when I know I’ve had an amazing dream and can’t remember it – but even the little milk-white figures are intriguing and maybe it was them you were supposed to remember and not the dream itself 😀

  2. Couldn’t agree more, maybe it was something that I wasn’t supposed to see yet, in the same way that tasting ambrosia makes all other food taste like ash, maybe the dream was simply too fantastic to handle.

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